At Precision Machining Technology Tradeshow 2019, Noah from Today's Machinging World had the opprotunity to interview Ben York Founder of Theory 168 LLC. Ben expains how the software works and how to apply it in shop.
Theory 168 was featured in an article in Modern Machine Shop last summer. There the editor and Ben discuss the importance of precision in machining and how Perfect Zero can take the guess work out of tool alignment. 

"For example, installing an indicator in a subspindle to probe a rotating turned bar in the main spindle is one way to align both spindles with each other. However, Mr. York explains that there can be issues using these devices to perform such alignments. In some cases, he says an indicator simply might not fit in a Swiss-type’s guide bushing or general workzone. If it does fit, the distance that the indicator sticks out of the spindle typically causes alignment error."

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